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DIN 2304 – The Standard for Bonding Quality Assurance

Apart from the adhesive and the materials to be bonded, the decisive factor in gluing is the reliable control of the processes. DIN 2304 "Bonding Technology - Quality Requirements for Bonding Processes - Part 1: Bonding Process Chain" can be a decisive aid.

The standard lists all relevant process steps from development to production. It also includes the point of bond repair, provides information on storage and logistics, and defines the requirements for the qualification of personnel.

For applications in rail vehicle construction, a series of standards that is comparable in many respects,
DIN 6701, has existed for more than 10 years.

DIN 2304-1 is now separated from the application sector. It is considered a rule of technology for the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and the production of "white goods" and agricultural machinery, as well as for shipbuilding and the construction industry.

As a rule of technology, it must be bindingly implemented and is the basis for criminal or contractual legal proceedings. Compliance with the rules of technology is a central point of German law.

On the basis of DIN 2304-1 and our DIN 2304 certification program, TC Kleben GmbH can audit factories
and--if the result is positive--certify them. A certificate that confirms the applicant’s capability of reliably deploying the bonding/adhesive process chain is handed over by us to the company. In contract negotiations, this is certainly a bargaining chip for the applicant.

The certificate is also listed in the DIN 2304 online register (www.din2304.de).
This is also an important marketing tool. Customers can use it to select qualified subcontractors.

After successful certification we can also create a "Certified Adhesive Specialist" certification mark on request, which can be used by the applicant according to our trademark regulations.

We gladly support your enterprise and provide advice concerning the necessary steps on the path to a certificate pursuant DIN 2304. We would also be pleased to provide you with an offer in this regard.

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