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European Adhesive Bonder

Basic training in adhesive bonding

Training and certification as European Adhesive Bonder as per DVS/EWF 3305 (EAB)

Training objectives:
In day-to-day practice, problems often occur when making adhesive-bonded connections. Marginal conditions, which are of no significance in conventional joints are of importance when making adhesive-bonded connections. Neglecting such conditions can result in badly-glued joints and consequently in reworking costs and an increase in rejects.

On successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to professionally handle adhesive bonding tasks as per specification.
The theoretical training is supported by intensive practical exercises. Theory and practice are knit together to provide the student with
a deep understanding of the differences between adhesive bonding and conventional bonding methods and thus avoid failures during production.

The training ends with a theoretical and practical exam held by an independent examination board of the DVS. On successfully passing the exam, the trainee receives a certificate which is valid throughout Europe and is recognised by the EWF (European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting).

Target group:
Employees entrusted with adhesive bonding tasks in manufacturing and assembly.

Preconditions, Qualifications:
The participant should have sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction to be able to follow the lectures and appear for the exam.
Special terms from the field of plastics and chemistry are used.

Place of instruction and duration:
5 days full time (Monday to Friday midday).
English courses are hold in Übach-Palenberg (Aachen).

Training methods:
• Lectures with discussions
• Demos, videos
• Course documentation
• Practical exercises in the adhesive-bonding laboratory.

Schedule of courses and fees:
Please refer to our flyer for the current schedule of courses and fees.
No VAT is levied on the course fees.
The price includes:
• all costs for training and the examination
• detailed course documentation
• all consumable materials for the practical exercises
• coffee, tea and cold drinks during the breaks.

We can provide you with names of local hotels if required by you.
Lunch can be had in our cantine at a reasonable price.

Details of training:
• Introduction to adhesive bonding
• Linking forces in adhesive bonding
• Types of adhesives
• Methods of surface treatment of the surfaces to be glued
• Health protection, labour protection and environmental protection
• Handling of adhesives
• Testing adhesive-bonded connections
• Practical excercises in the laboratory.

Organised by:
TechnologieCentrum Kleben GmbH
Adhesive-technical centre of the DVS e.V.

Contact person:
Ms. Andrea Janke

TC-Kleben GmbH
Carlstr. 50, D- 52531 Übach-Palenberg
Tel.: +49 (0) 2451/971200, Fax: +49 (0) 2451/971210