TL A-0023 – technical specification for bonding in the military technology sector

The Technical Supply Specification TL A-0023 “Bonding and associated processes – quality requirements on manufacturing and maintenance companies for military products” was published by the BAAINBw (German Federal Office for Armaments, Information Technology and Armed Forces Use) 15 September, 2017.

This Technical Supply Specification describes the requirements for the manufacture of load-bearing bonds during the manufacture and maintenance of components and products for the armed forces. TL A-0023 is based on DIN 2304-1 supplemented by further defense-specific classifications and requirements:

Component Classes:
The requirements for the necessary degree of personnel qualification are measured according to classes. Depending on the component class, the user must have suitable bonding personnel and comply with the degree of quality assurance. These component classes are defined by the manufacturer (responsible for design) on the basis of the stress, safety significance and usability of the component.

Classification as Manufacturer (H) and Repairer (I):
Manufacturers within the meaning of TL A-0023 are user companies that are responsible for design and processes. User companies that manufacture or repair components according to manufacturer instructions are regarded as Repairers.

Classification according to application:
The above H- or I- classes are further divided depending on the application:
H1/I1: General products
H2/I2: Safety function
H3/I3: Aviation suitability

Operational qualification:
Company qualification is required. This must be proven to an authority accredited and recognized by the WIWeB (Wehrwissenschaftliches Institut für Werk- und Betriebsstoffe). Our certification authority has been recognized by the WIWeB for certification in this sector since 10/07/2018 as a recognized authority.


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