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About us

The enormous potential of adhesive bonding is widely accepted today. Unfortunately, knowledge of this technology is generally very limited. The reason is that it requires interdisciplinary knowledge of chemistry, surface physics, materials technology and engineering. We have made it our task to bundle this know-how and transfer it to interested parties by means of training courses and specific advice. We thus provide application-oriented technology transfer for all problems related to adhesive bonding. We are located since January 1997 in the main building of the Carolus Magnus coal mine in Übach-Palenberg which was closed down in 1962 and are dedicated to disseminating adhesive bonding know-how. Modern jointing technology in a historical building – a contrast which persistently motivates us to be a competent service provider for our customers. We operate in conjunction with the GSI, Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International GmbH, which is well known for its activities in the fields of joining components and coordinating various technologies. In this way, adhesive bonding – a technology of the future – can introduce to a wide circle of interested parties.


The TC-Kleben GmbH is certified by the DVS as an authorised training institute and service provider in the field of adhesive bonding. This certification ensures a high level of competence of the institution and its staff. This also ensures independent, professional and recognised qualification of the adhesive bonding personnel.

Certification as per DIN 6701

TC-Kleben is accredited by the Eisenbahnbundesamt (EBA) as a recognised company for adhesive bonding in rail vehicles. We inspect the factories of rail vehicle manufacturers or component manufacturers and issue certificates on behalf of the EBA.