What we do

The TechnologieCentrum Kleben, known as TC-Kleben for short, has been working with adhesive bonding technology issues since 1996 and spreading their specialist knowledge. In addition to the professional qualification of adhesive technicians, we evaluate and certify companies with regard to their technical adhesive bonding processes, testing or evaluating adhesives or bonded components as required.

Create and maintain expertise

Our lecturers teach their expertise in adhesive technology throughout Germany and abroad, enabling users from different industries to benefit from the enormous potential of adhesive bonding technology. Our teaching philosophy is based on relaying this valuable knowledge in a practical way. At our site in Ubach-Palenberg, we have modern seminar rooms and adhesive bonding technical centres that enable our participants to communicate their expertise in a contemporary manner.
TC-Kleben is an adhesive bonding technology centre approved by the German Association for Welding and Allied Processes (DVS) for further training. This approval means we can guarantee an independent, professional and recognised qualification for adhesive bonding technical personnel – from Adhesive Practitioner to Adhesive Specialist and Adhesive Engineer. The qualification of adhesive bonding technical personnel is accredited by DAkkS, the national accreditation body for Germany, according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 (personnel certification) via the DVS central inspection body.

Inspection and testing

TC-Kleben offers extensive adhesive testing and testing methods for the detection of mechanical properties and ageing resistance as well as providing adhesive bonding experts. This includes such issues as claims for damages.

Certifying companies and reviewing processes

TC-Kleben is a recognised body for the certification of adhesive bonding processes. We are accredited by DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO 17065 (certification of processes) for certification in railway vehicle construction according to DIN 6701. In addition, we offer process assessments and certifications according to DIN 2304, „Adhesive bonding technology – Quality requirements for adhesive bonding processes”. TC-Kleben has been designated by the WIWeB – the Research Institute for Materials, Fuels and Lubricants of the German Armed Forces – as a recognised body for certification for TL A-0023 „Bonding and associated processes – quality requirements on manufacturing and maintenance companies for military products“.
While maintaining the separation of certification and consulting activities, we support companies, for which we do not carry out certification in accordance with our accreditation to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 for the area of DIN 6701, with independent technical advice on adhesive bonding. Using practical working methods, we look for technically and economically beneficial solutions for your operational challenges. Development times are shortened and your products are ready for market sooner.

Our mission statement