Training to become an Adhesive Specialist (EAS)


Training and examination according to DVS/EWF 3301 as a European Adhesive Specialist (EAS)

Target group:

Supervisory staff, designers, developers, foremen in production, production planners, quality assurance technicians, application engineers, sales staff (e.g. adhesive manufacturers), laboratory employees

Industry sectors:

Rail vehicle construction, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, transport construction, white goods, wind power and others


3 x 5 days (Monday to Friday) full-time

Training location:

Übach-Palenberg, Garching, Berlin, Rapperswil (Switzerland), Halle

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The constant development in materials technology is making previously unimaginable innovations in products and processes possible, thanks to the use of adhesive bonding technology. To develop this potential and optimise production processes, a knowledge of the elementary relationships is necessary. These relationships are taught in this training course to become an Adhesive Specialist. The theory is supplemented by practical work in the laboratory in order to better grasp what has been learned.

The participants receive an intensive insight into the world of bonding and, after completing their training, will be able to:

  • Take responsibility for monitoring the use of adhesive technology in production
  • Design in a manner that is suitable for adhesive bonding
  • Carry out a qualified selection of adhesives
  • Identify errors in the process chain systematically


Course participants should have sufficient command of the language of instruction such that they can follow the lessons and take the technical exams. Technical terms from polymer technology and chemistry are used. However, prior knowledge of these subject areas is not required.

Course content

The following content is taught in the three-week course:

  • Basics of polymers
  • Adhesives
  • Binding forces
  • Adhesive selection
  • Joining part materials
  • Pre-treatment of surfaces
  • Calculation and design in a manner that is suitable for adhesive bonding
  • Quality assurance in adhesive bonding technology
  • Quality management
  • Responsibilities of the bonding supervisor
  • Process technology and adhesive processing
  • Adhesive selection based on application-specific aspects

Course organisation

The course content is taught using practical exercises in the adhesive technology laboratory, demonstration, videos, presentations with discussions and course documentation.

The detailed course documents, all consumables for the practical bonding exercises and drinks during breaks are included in the cost of the course.

The course is VAT-free. The current course dates and costs for the chosen course can be found on our date information sheet in the download area of this page.


The training concludes with a practical and theoretical examination before an independent examination committee of the DVS (the German Association for Welding and Allied Processes). As part of the examination to become an Adhesive Specialist, an exam must be taken in each of the three weeks. After passing the exam, the participants receive a certificate that is valid throughout Europe and recognised by the DVS (German Association for Welding and Related Processes eV) and the EWF (European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting).


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