DIN 6701 Adhesive Bonding of Railway Vehicles and Parts

DIN 6701 – the standard for bonding in rail vehicle construction

Aim of the standard

Since in the meantime not only welding technology is used as a joining method for safety-relevant components, but also bonding applications are increasingly being used, it is logical to provide the manufacturing companies with a plant that sensitises them to the handling of bonding technology from design to production and ensures the quality of the components joined in this way. As a counterpart of the standard DIN EN 15085 „Welding in rail vehicle construction“, the standard DIN 6701 „Bonding in rail vehicle construction“ has been published and is therefore binding as the state of the art. This standard describes the bonding requirements for manufacturers of rail vehicles or their components.

Proof of qualification of the companies

Manufacturers of railway vehicles or their components, as well as companies that design adhesive joints or trade in bonded components must prove their qualifications in accordance with the standard. This means that a certification body – accredited by an accreditation body and appointed by the Working Group Bonding DIN 6701 must carry out a company audit with expert discussion, in which the company has to prove the requirements according to the standard.

This company audit includes, for example, proof of:

  • The necessary qualification of the company
  • The designation of at least one supervisor in charge (SiC)
  • The necessary qualification of the supervisor adhesive bonding (SAB)
  • The qualifications of the bonding personnel
  • The existing design review
  • The necessary work and test instructions

After a successful audit, the certification body then confirms to the user company that the requirements of this standard have been fulfilled in the form of a certificate according to DIN 6701. This certificate is linked to a company location. Surveillance audits are required within the maximum validity of the certificate of 3 years.

TC-Kleben is accredited as a certification body by DAkkS for the DIN 6701 sector and has been named as a recognised body by the Working Group Bonding DIN 6701.

Contents of the standard

DIN 6701: Adhesive Bonding of Railway Vehicles and Parts

Part 2: Requirements for the manufacture companies

  • Requirements for bonding supervisor
  • Requirements for bonding personnel
  • Scope of the standard
  • Recognition procedure

Part 3: guideline for construction, design and verification (with classification)

Part 4: Manufacturing controls and quality assurance (with maintenance)


The requirements for the necessary level of qualification are determined according to the safety classes. Accordingly, the user must have suitable bonding and supervisor personnel at his disposal depending on the class and must maintain the level of quality assurance. These classes are defined by the user company according to the safety requirements of the component.

Bonding and supervisor personnel

In addition to organisational and technical requirements, the standard also addresses the personnel requirements for the companies. It mentions, for example, the tasks of the bonding supervisor. For many years now, the qualification requirements necessary for this function have been offered in Germany through further training courses. These are the qualifications in accordance with the guidelines issued by DVS and meanwhile harmonised at European level.


The Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International GSI mbH has been offering the certification according to DIN EN 15085 within the quality assurance for years through its branches, the Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalten (SLV). Within the GSI, TC-Kleben is the partner representing the bonding technology as an alternative joining method and as a recognized body is allowed to carry out the company audits according to DIN 6701. We are therefore at your disposal for all questions regarding this standard and the company audits to be carried out.

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Accreditation DIN 6701

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