Adhesive bonding in rail vehicle construction in accordance with currently valid regulations

EN 17460 and DIN 6701 – the standards for adhesive bonding in rail vehicle construction

Aim of the standard

For the special process of adhesive bonding, it is necessary to provide manufacturing companies with a set of rules that sensitises them to the use of adhesive bonding technology and, when implemented, ensures the quality of the components joined in this way. This applies to the complete cycle from design through production to repair. The DIN 6701 „Adhesive bonding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts“ series of standards was published in the December 2015 editions and is therefore binding as a technical regulation.

DIN EN 17460 „Railway applications – Adhesive bonding of railroad vehicles and their components“, published in October 2022, is the logical continuation of this nationally initiated approach to adhesive quality assurance in rail vehicle construction. The coexistence phase of both sets of standards will run until September 2025, when the DIN 6701 series of standards will be withdrawn.

Requirements on the companies

The requirements for processes, personnel and infrastructure are defined in both sets of regulations for manufacturers of rail vehicles or their components, in addition to companies which design bonded joints or deal with bonded components and / or assemble them.

As a certification body accredited for these areas by the German accreditation body DAkkS and designated by the appropriate working groups (AC Adhesive Bonding DIN 6701 and ECARV), we verify compliance with these requirements by auditing the operation and – if the result is positive – issue a certificate.

This audit includes, for example, the verification of:

  • the setting up of a quality assurance system for the respective process steps in adhesive bonding technology
  • the appointment of at least one person responsible for bonding and a deputy with the necessary expertise in bonding technology
  • the expertise of the adhesive bonding personnel performing the work
  • the existing design review
  • the necessary work and test instructions
  • the existing operational requirements in terms of infrastructure and equipment

This certificate is tied to a place of operation. A surveillance audit is mandatory during the certificate’s normal 3-year term.

Contents of the standard

EN 17460: „Railway applications – adhesive bonding of rail vehicles and their components“.

  • expertise of the bonding personnel
  • design and verification of bonded joints on rail vehicles
  • manufacturing
  • maintenance and repairs
  • subcontracting

DIN 6701 „Adhesive bonding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts“.

Part 2: Requirements on the operating companies

  • requirements on the bonding supervisor
  • requirements on operating personnel
  • scope of application for the standard

Part 3: Guide to design and verification (with classification)

Part 4: Manufacturing, quality assurance and maintenance

Safety classification

The requirements on the necessary qualification level of the operation are determined according to the safety class level (class A1, A2, A3, Z). Accordingly, the user must have suitable technical bonding personnel in accordance with the class and maintain the required level of quality assurance. These safety classes refer to the safety requirements on the respective bond and are determined during the design process.

Adhesive technical staff

In addition to organisational and equipment requirements, the standard also defines personnel requirements for the operations. The tasks of the bonding supervisor are noted here, for example. For many years now, the expertise required for this function has been ensured through bonding technology training courses (see our Training section). These are, for example, qualifications in accordance with the directives issued by the EWF (European Welding Federation).


The DVS e.V. (German Welding and Related Processes Association) has been offering auditing and certification in accordance with the DIN EN 15085 series of standards „Railway applications – Welding of railroad vehicles and components“ through its affiliates for many years. Within the DVS e.V. the Technology Centre Adhesive Bonding is the partner which represents adhesive bonding technology as an alternative joining process and, as a certification body, can and may carry out audits and certifications in accordance with EN 17460 and DIN 6701. We are therefore available to answer any questions you may have about these standards and the audits to be performed.

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Accreditation DIN 6701

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