Education and continuing education

In accordance with the DVS / EWF guidelines, we offer qualification as a European Adhesive Engineer (EAE), as a European Adhesive Specialist (EAS) and as a European Adhesive Bonder (EAB).

Qualification to European Adhesive Engineer (EAE) is dedicated to persons in leading positions and takes place over a period of eight weeks.

It qualifies personnel to take on supervisory responsibility for all adhesive processes and enables them to be designated as the person responsible for adhesive supervision in the design and production of components that have the highest level of safety requirements (e.g. Class A1 according to DIN 6701).

The European Adhesive Specialist (EAS) course is intended for personnel in managerial or supervisory functions. The three-week training course provides a knowledge of adhesives so that they can properly dimension and execute bonding work, instruct those adhesive personnel carrying out such work and conduct qualified process monitoring. This meets the requirements of responsible supervision for adhesive bonding (e.g. for Class A2 according to DIN 6701).

The qualification of the adhesive personnel is achieved by training as a European Adhesive Bonder (EAB). In a one-week course, a basic understanding of bonding is taught and the practice of applying adhesives according to specifications is carried out professionally and independently.

The aim of our special courses in glass bonding, windscreen bonding and plastic bonding is to teach the special adhesive properties of the individual material groups and the parts to be joined. By understanding the basic relationships and special features that affect quality, the course participants will learn to safely use bonding technology. In-house further training at an in-house seminar is the ideal way to train a larger group of staff through targeted further training in adhesive bonding technology.

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